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Online resources for learning Croatian


Here we can add useful links.



I find this page very useful for beginners:





Even though it says "Serbo-Croatian", it still gives you a choice between Serbian and Croatian. Also, it is very good for explaining grammar.


These 96 lessons are extremely detailed and useful to the beginner (ie. me).

Awesome resources everyone, thanks for all of these links!


first useful words and phrases for a holiday in Croatia.

[Dutch <-> Croatian] with pictures


What about the pronunciation? Does it sound as it should?



It may be outstanding for the language you are learning but there are five (5) lessons in the language I am learning and one (1) that actually uses the script. 


Pronunciation is perfect!

Great topic, and here is my contribution (these links are intended mostly to the advanced users):


Probably the best spelling checker:

Croatian sleng:

Language tips #1:

Language tips #2:

Croatian Special Field Terminology: (still beta)


Sretno s učenjem hrvatskog ;) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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