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Foreign language instruction at schools in your country

Hello, everyone!

I'm collecting data for a school project and I'm hoping that you guys can help me. :)


If you're interested in helping me, please respond to the following questions:

1) In what country did you attend high school/secondary school?

2) How many foreign languages were offered at your high school/secondary school?


In my case, I attend high school in the United States, and my school offers Spanish, Mandarin, French, and Latin classes, so I would respond:

1) USA

2) 4


Thank you all so much!  Please let me know if you need any clarification of the questions.

I look forward to finding out about the situation in your country!  :)




1) Croatia

2) 4




1 Philippines

2. 2-3 languages

1. India 
2. 3 

1) Tunisia

2) 4



1) Colombia

2) 1, English only :(

Wow, thanks to everyone who has responded so far! I really appreciate your help :)


This question doesn't really have to do with my study, but I've always wondered: What do you guys think of the effectiveness of the language instruction at the high school level where you're from?  I took Spanish for 4 years but I'm not very comfortable speaking or comprehending native speakers because the emphasis(where I'm from) is solely on reading and writing.  Is the situation similar to this where you're from?  Let me know, if you'd like :)       

1) USA

2)5: French, Spanish, German, Italian and Latin


I should add that this was quite a few years ago. The languages offered today may be different.



Long ago - then it was only Latin, Ancient Greek (yes!), French, German.  I studied Latin French and German

My two Children had additional options of Mandarin, Bahasa, Japanese, Spanish.  Both my Children did Mandarin, and my daughter also French


We had one year of English and one year of Spanish. It's not like we had a choice. But most schools have only English as far as I know.

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