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How to speak english fluently ???



practice more times

You r rihgt but I have no friends...with talk in English...????

English is full of shortcuts, and what is taught in books is not how people speak everyday.

If you want to speak fluently, you need to skype with people, watch tv, visit english speaking countries.And of course, you will still need to study!


I think the most important thing is ; look at peoples faces and  their actions to discover what they are saying or a point that they are trying to get across.


p.s   You need to make mistakes,and dont be scared that native speakers will be frustrated with you.

        The important thing is that you were understood!

Before you can find someone to practise to you, you can watch movies and any programs spoken English. What I do next is imaging I am talking to the people in the program and have a conversation with him or her. But the problem is, you don't know where is wrong. So just find someone and talk to him or her as fast as you can. Speak out and speak loudly.

Can you help me plz...Hex gao ji...

I prograss my speking English by talking in front of mirror especially when I was alone .... 'cause I am a bit shy , I could not speak with accent  in front of number of people . Just imagine someone whom you love is listening to you and you are going to express your passion by another language .... you can say whatever you want .....

hello I have been improving with a course that I found on youtube, It helps me a lot, but you need to repeat a lot what you have heard. Repetition is key.

you need to repeat many times each video every day for 1 week or more. The whole course takes about 6 or 8 months. Don´t be hurry repeat until you have mastered each word. This course has 7 rules. Listen first this rules.


I hope it helps you. Don´t be afraid, you need to be patient and It takes time.

Hi, can anyone teach me Chinese language. I have already completed basic level and wanted to improve further but couldn’t get any teacher. I hope somebody’s help and of course I'll teach them English in return of.


Thanks and regards

Chandy, India


Try to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. I am learning Thai and have written vocab on post it notes and put them on items in the house. Watch English TV and films. Try watching a cooking video on youtube in English and then cooking that dish. Learning is more fun and effective when it is hands on!



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