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Why do some adults on Italki put photos up of when they were children?


Why do some adults on Italki put photos up of when they were children? - Is this a Chinese culture difference?




Not at all, and why not!? You can be sure the Teachers however won't do that - even if they are old goats/old ghosts like me.  老鬼

They like their childhood photos and want to become a child again.

In fact ,it isn't what you want to, just a personal preference.

I have never noticed it with Chinese people, but I have seen that some people put up their portfolio pictures when they were younger/ slimmer/ more handsome etc. We like to show off the best what we can, so they think it was the best. :)

for me.I just think the picture is lovely.I don't care about other people look like, I think have a childlike innocence heart is very good

I am a Chinese,but I don't think so,maybe it's just a personal interests.

Maybe they look more pretty and handsome when they were younger..

Some people, not always Chinese, whose personality is not so direct, even shy, prefer not to let strangers see their pictures.

Maybe that is the reason, I think.

if the person u are talking about is married,the photo  u have seen 90% of which are their children



in your question,you mean chinese adult.right?

i think there are two kind of those people:

1.the picture about him/her.

2.the pcture about their kids or friends' kids.

sometimes,i will put my sisters' baby on web.because i like the lovely boy.

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