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What's the weather in your city?

My first,Chengdu is very hot!!!




mine its tricky at the moment im in Panama, it can be bright and sunny and out of nowhere it can rain , and then sunny again. its great because in other countries,when  its rainning its dull and gray, but not here.

how is yours, what country are you in specifically?

my city İzmir 25 degree sun day, but night now 17 degree

Alexandria is hot

Today it's cold in the Brazil.

too much hot............


Changsha is hot too.I dislike this weather.

Samsun is hot too and also moist. It's like hell. And it's just beginning...

in italy is raining and is cold....a strange weather

tommorow it will be 29 degrees in the daytime

The summer is coming to Russia (Yekaterinburg) :)

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