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Could you suggest me some songs and artist who performed songs in french?

I am interested in learning French. Right now, I am mastering my English but I heard that listening some easy and slow songs in your target language helps you a lot with your pronunciation. Even though if you don´t understand anything you will become more and more familiar with the sounds of the language.

Please suggest me artists in french, who sing very slow and clearly. No matter if they are old songs. In fact, I enjoy old songs and ballads. I like also Pop, soft-rock.



I suggest you this music Read the lyrics too and enjoy it! 

Thank you, Mathhew and Thais. Even if I can´t understand what they are saying. I enjoy so much the music.


J'adore ces chansons là, et je les ai chanté une fois, peu être je te fais écouter une :).

apprendre à aimer ( David Charvet)

Etre à la hauteur (Emmanuel Moire)

Mon essentiel (Emmanuel Moire)

Si je m'envole ( Joudia balkbeer)

Mon amie la rose (Natacha Atlas)

Ne me quitte pas(Natacha Atlas)

à plus!


et puis Maths arrête de fumer en public, ils vont bientôt de te renvoyer dehord! xD.


edith piaf

Hello @ElhirarYusuf Sadly, I am a very beginner in French, I can catch some words in french because I am a native spanish speaker, But I am not sure of their meaning. Spanish and French have some similarities. I think that the first song is "Aprende a amar" in spanish. and the last one "No me quites paz" I will hear these songs, thank you so much.  

hello @Avanneuville, thank you. 

hello @laogui32 edith piaf I head a song by Edith Piaf. It was nice. I love the french sounds

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