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What is the difference?

ถ - tho thung

ภ -pho sam-phao



ค - kho khwai

ด - do dek


I cannot see the difference between these characters. Help me, please! :)



well, if you look closer(maybe in an larger and clearer version), there's a head of char in all of these chars(round circle part). they all are in different manners: the head's in, and the head's out. they begin with the different directions.

Thanks! Can you write down a few words for me in thai? The challenge will be if I am going to read text and recognize these words. Your answer is appreciated, thank you. :)

Ok, here you are










For more than a year of staying in thailand, I gradually recognized the Thai characters and was able to  read them, the thing is I cannot understand them (or very little understanding) and sometimes I was not sure if my intonation was correct upon reading or saying it.  Another difficulty for me is that sometimes D and T have the same sound;  if there's a vowel before an S it sounds like T, too; K and G are quite the same; sometimes you cannot recognize if it is L or R, if a word ends with an L they pronounce is as N (like apple-appen, little-litten, google-googen); if a word ends with an R sometimes it sounds like N, too (or RN), CH and J have the same pronunciation; and the sound of V becomes W. Thai language is tonal so be careful how you pronounce it because sometimes even you don't mean it, it gives a different or funny meaning to a word. Example is "Khao" (white, rice, glue), "Yuong" (busy, mosquito), "Khai" (chicken, egg), "Suay" (beautiful, bad luck) same word, different tones, different meanings :) anyway it's fun to learn a language and I hope this helps.

Thank you sharing the your Kat, I appreciate it. Yes the tones are tricky, I wonder when I speaking out loud I do it correctly and say the correct word. I find it fun learning these tonal languages, the writing is interesting too.

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