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A good song in German

Hello guys, I need some suggestion from you. What are some good songs in Germany? I learn German now, I need to practice my "listening", so, it would be nice if you could help me out :).  Danke schön!



try to listen Silbermond - Symphonie ;)

It's a good song 

die Lieder von Kate und Ben 

Nena - 99 Luftballons

Juli - Zerissen

Yvonne catterfeld - Glaub an mich

Christina Stürmer - Engel Fliegen Einsam und mehr 



Rammstein, man. Particularly SpieluhrMorgenstern, and Sonne.

But on a somewhat different note, I'd recommend against using German music to practice listening. A lot of music in any language can take extreme liberties with that language's grammar in order to fit a rhyming scheme, and so listening to German music too early in your practices may make you learn something wrong. Instead, I'd recommend that you find German podcasts (on whatever topic you might wish to listen to) instead; they'll be grammatically accurate and informative! 

I want to clarify something (and italki admins, you HAVE to implement an editing feature for these posts). Listening to music is a very useful thing in language-learning, both for cultural immersion and language recognition. It's just not something you should do right at the beginning; learn a decent amount of grammar and vocabulary (B1/late C2 level) before you try to start using songs for anything other than pure entertainment.

Here's an ecclectic mix. ;)


Nik P. - "Glücklich mit Dir"

Nena - "Kino"

Nena - "Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann"

Olaf Henning - "Cowboy und Indianer"

Eisblume - "Ewig"

Matthias Reim - "Du bist mein Glück"

Xavier Naidoo - "Dieser Weg"

Bernhard Brink - "Du natürlich"

Ich bin französich, und ich also lerne Deutsch. Ich mag die Anders Acapella hören. Mein Ziel ist den Song "Warum?" zu lernen. ( 

I agree on suggesting 99 luftballons by Nena

Die Prinzen - Gabi und Klaus

CRO - Bye Bye
Xavier Nadoo - Dieser Weg

Bushido - Gestern war Gestern

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