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whic is language use most at international trade and finance?



which is language used most at international trade and finance? 

that is correct sentence.



I think that everyone agrees that English is the international language in almost all aspects of life, including international trade and finance.


In fact, there is a special kind of English (I cannot remember its name) that has been invented for business people. It is  for business people who want to learn English ONLY  for  one reason: to speak and understand  enough English  in order to conduct business.



James are you referring to ICFE by Cambridge?

undoubtedly, English...

@Hasan Zaidi: 


1. Thank you for introducing me to ICFE.


2. I was thinking of GLOBISH (global + English):


a. It has 1,500 words and phrases.

b. Supposedly, a business person who knows Globish can negotiate in English with an English-speaking business person.

c. People who learn only Globish are NOT interested in becoming fluent in English. They have only one goal: to sign the business deal!


3. If you google "Globish," you will find many results.

It's EXACTLY English. After that i think Germany and Chinese. They are my top 3. After all it depends on which country we are talking about but English would never change.^^

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