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What a pity, Chinese can't play twitter and facebook

What do you think about it?  Which website is the most popular and interesting in your country ,Please give me some suggestion.Thanks a lot.Please talk in English or in Germany



Well, here is very common Facebook, but Some people are addicted to post junk in their walls, they are always saying a lot of fool words, Some of them are telling all kind of stuffs. However Facebook can be used for good reason. Sometimes I enjoy reading jokes through Facebook, some people post funny cartoons. It can be used as a source of interesting information. I don´t like twitter but It can be used in many ways (Smart, stupid, funny, business, etc) I use youtube many times because I like to see some videos of singers and information. This website is also nice because we can share our knowledge in languages with others. Lang-8 is another great website like this. Well, there are many interesting pages. 

My country is Turkey. And i'm not sure but i think websites like facebook,twitter or ask are the most popular especially for teenagers and young-adults. The second is online lessons. There are too many students who like them. And the third is for the series/film/anime lovers. There are too many websites for it. It's increasing day-by-day. ^^

One of my FB status updates: "This is stuipid. Talk in person."

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