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why girls egos too high?



Learning a language is easier than understanding girls :D

excellent detection:)

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why??? 


The answer is too easy :) 


because we're the most beautiful fascinating attractive creature in the whole world. hhhhhhhhhh 

A world without you is unimaginable:)


How many girls do you know? The answer is not enough for you to come to that generalisation. People are all different. 

I know that girls usually


Really? I think guys ego's are too high actually lol

You says girls ego's are too high !But Ithink a part of self is too high because he was looking for true love, love is mutual, if some of its own factors is too poor, the boys will abandon them, or because of it, everyone has each person's reason, need not too entanglements, is yours, who also rob don't go, not you, also need not too hard! Go with the flow.

I agree with Sana,,,,,i have never met egoistic girls,,,on the contrary girls, women do many sacrifices,,,so here is my conlusion, boys YOUR ARE THE MOST EGOISTIC CREATURE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!  SORRY FOR BEING RUDE...


because we are girls and not men.. hahaha =)

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