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Any one has been a volunteer before?

Hi, people. I am a chinese that is new to canada.  I will soon go to a care centre as volunteer ,there what i will talk to elderly people, and go ouside to enjoy the sun with them when the weather is good.


only problem is that the distances is a bit far. by bus about 1 hour. and proberbly the care centre is not paying the bus tickets.


what do you think of becoming a volunteer? would like to share your experiences?



I've worked with children a few times. I really enjoy having them around and helping them, but sometimes it can be really exhausting :)

I have done 300+ hours of community service at various places. It is tiring, but rewarding. Helping people is always a pleasure. Sometimes supervisors treat you bad and because you are working/helping with no money involved and they may use you too much.

Other than that.. interacting with people is really fun and seeing a smile on their face makes me happy!

I've volunteered to help out with lots of small things here and there - like giving disabled children rides with my dogsled team, collecting data for research projects, helping with dogsled races, etc...


It's always been fun to give back to the community and make it a better place for others.


Hi Jinmei, welcome to Canada. Where are you staying? Volunteering is a wonderful way to both improve your English and give back to the community. I have done everything from teaching cooking to prisoners to teaching abroad in Ghana and loved every second of it! 

Good luck!




Thanks for the welcome^^Right now i am staying in Gatineau, Quebec, and yes, it is a french speaking area. the care centre i will be going is in Ottawa, since it is very colse to my city and i speak more english than french,hehe.


i am actually very happy that people reply this post love the work alot and enjoy themselves during!


It is a beatufirul world^^ 

Hello, to the charm ladies above!!


Thanks so much for your posts and sharings! I am pretty sure now what i gonna do is something very good^^


your experienes are very helpful, you told me those good sides and bad sides, so i wont be complaint too much in actual practise.


Thanks for all and wish you all good luck in language study!





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