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What do you think about people that correct all discussions or entries on italki ?

Sometimes, hoping to meet new people with which to practice language exchange, I take a look at a some entries written by people that want to learn italian. I am amazed by fact that I always find all entries already corrected.

Ho noted that people who make this, are almost always the same .

Now I ask me: But these people what do they do during the day ? Or perhaps is there a correctors world championship, that I don't know ?

Dear proofreaders, could you let even me some note to correct ? Thanks a lot



It IS disappointing .Most entries written in Chinese are also already corrected when I try to correct some .

I don't think there is a competition. It feels good when you correct an entire ,helping others , polishing your own mother tongue ,etc.And a few people can resist the temptation .

 My solution is to  give more detailed   reply .I explain the reason of  replacing  the character and what I feel about the sentence sometimes .

You can just correct them as well ! Two corrections are better than one , and They have just given one possible corrections . There are always more than one possible expressions in Chinese .Is it the same in Italian ?


As an Italian learner, I appreciate all the corrections made for my entries.  They help me a lot.

I'm with Ya-hsien, you can always add your own spins to your corrections, which gives a deeper understanding of Italian. There are many other ways to say the same thing, so you could give alternative options for additional grammatical/cultural info. I feel it's always a big help when someone corrects my writing with detailed explantions. 


As far as I'm concerned, correcting entries written in your native lanaguage is a way to give back to the community on italki. My purpose of proofreading entries is to help people learn my mother tongue, not to increase my language exchange friends. 

If you think you have something to contribute to the Italian learners here, I'd encourage you go ahead and help them:) They will surely appreciate your contribution. 

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