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The best ways to improve your English

Please, unlock the secrets and share your effective methods :)


Thanks in advance!



for me is reading advanced english textes ,and traslating words that i don't understand ,like that i remember much new words and feel kinda moving forward ^^

Memorize! Since some things in the english language just don't make sense to non native speakers as they do not follow the "pattern" or simply are different. Flashcards or lists are great aids! 


Furthermore, practice is extremely important! Whether it is oral english or written, learning and practicing english frequently will help you remember things easily and learn faster! 


Make notes on things you do not understand, do not wait till later to find them.. write them down! Keep a dictionary or translator by you so you can easily translate things you do not understand. 


Also, if you are someone who uses a translator a lot, try to ease yourself out of it slowly. At first it might be impossible, but it will get easier and you will get better! Try to think for yourself and then use the translator if you can!

Hope this helped! 

The best way to improve your English is trying to talk with a native speaker, listening News, dialogues and songs in English.

Expose yourself to English as much as possible. Listen to english music, watch english movies, read english books. 

And don't be afraid to practice! 

Thanks everyone for your help!

May anybody suggest some english books to read?


I think novel is the best choose .

It will make you easy to remember the words .

I also do this thing <3 


to learn by doing, such as answer this question or talking with others in english.. :)

Hi, I suggest to listen podcast, For example Luke's English podcasts or 6 minute English.

Listen, listen, listen, listen,listen, listen, listen, listen.....and if you are already tired of listen English, listen again :)

It's great to memorize the words.

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