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Hebrew Keyboards


I was wondering if any one knew of some good hebrew keyboards to use online. 

I have been using which is great but sometimes I struggle when copying and pasting the text as most programs/ websites including this one, change the word order or the sentence order. 


Thanks in advance. 



If you have a Windows 7 computer like me, then you can install a Hebrew keyboard instead of using one online. I did so, and used a silver permanent marker to write the letters on the keys corresponding to the keyboard layout of an online one (just make sure it's the same layout as the software). The layout is now second nature to me and I don't have to re-do the characters with a marker, I just let them fade for good. 


If you have an Android phone, I could tell you a good keyboard for that as well. 



thanks so much!! 

with a downloaded keyboard, are you finding no issues importing the text to other programs (I was trying to put a few paragraphs into photoshop and inDesign) ?? I'll definately give that a try. 

And I do have an android phone :) 

Well, I haven't done anything like that with it so I don't know. But for daily usage in emails, Skype, etc., etc., the downloaded keyboard has been great! 


The Android keyboard: it's called AnySoftKeyboard and I think all you have to do is downoad the app, then download whichever language package you want (in this case Hebrew) and then get it set up in your phone settings. 


I just set my computer to allow for the Hebrew language, and I can toggle back and forth between Hebrew and English in any program with a click of the button at the bottom of my screen.  Just go to 'computer' search for 'languages' it should lead you in the instructions for allowing Hebrew in your computer.  It should say... add language,  if I remember correctly.  Each computer is different, but it is likely an option that comes with your computer.  In some programs you can also select to activate the spell-checker for that language.  For example I email a lot in Hebrew, and my email program (Windows Live Mail)  is set to spellcheck in the imput language, and it spell-checks my Hebrew.  That is really handy.

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