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spanish and english speakers(:


I am trying to find spanish speakers to practice with, and

english speakers to learn with. i find my more motivated when i am learning with someone and helping each other out.

so if you speak spanish, i would love to practice with you!

and if you speak english, i would love to learn spanish with you!

please add me and we can exchange skype names,

and/or communicate through text in the app "Kik Messenger"


I would love to communicate with people from Mexico, since i am from America and come in contact with mexicans a lot! But help from any spanish speakers will be greatly appreciated!



Nice to meet you Raigen! I'm spanish (native) so we could try it! :D

Hey you! Well I speak Spanish,I´m from Mexico and I can speak some english, then, maybe we can be pen pals, What do you think? 

hi, i'm from venezuela, i wolud like to practice english and spanish with you.


Hi Raigen. My name is Uri Quintal, I am a professional Online ESL and Spanish teacher born and raised in Mexico and graduated from a University in the U.S. Currently I am accepting new students for two of my Spanish courses that I offer here in Italki. My courses´names are " Start learning Spanish! Develop your conversational skills" and "Conversational Spanish". Both of them are very well structured in such a way that students will develop their listening, speaking, grammar,pronunciation,writting and conversational skills  every class. If you are interested, I encourage you to take a look at my teacher profile in this link and schedule a class with me, all classes are very cheap starting from $4.00(30 mins trial session) to $12.00 dlls (an hour) per lesson and my objective is to help you to start thinking and dreaming in spanish by the end of the course. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me on skype as UriQuintal or follow me on italki. Have a great day! :)


thank you all(: i will contact each of you!


and i will definitely look into the classes(:

Hola! Mi nombre es Victoria, soy de Argentina. Me encantaría poder hablar contigo, estoy buscando alguien con quien pueda aprender a hablar en Inglés y me encantaría ayudarte con tu español :) 

Hello I'm Spanish and I need improve my English. If you want to talk by skype just let me know.


ok I need practice my english

add my skype marcelo.yaya

see you seif de tunez ,hablo 5 lenguas,estudio en el premro curso del espanol...quiero ameliorar mis lenguas

ese es mi skype:chahinjlali



i'm native speaker  (spanish) i'm from Colombia i'm learning english so we can practice both languages add me my skype is johncyriis8702. bye!

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