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Do you believe in mermaids?

I just watched a documentary on Animal Planet about the Mermaids. This is not a new discussion about mermaids but in this documentary they filed a new evidence. A video that obtained the footage of a mermaid is prevailing on Youtube. And it amazed me that somehow mermaid may be true.



I believe, why not

I think our world is full of strange things. But we only wonder and pay attention that what we didn't have seen before. Why a mermaid is a strange for us? Because it is a different creature from what we know. Did we ever think before about two legs people, four or six legs animal, lesless animal and creatures? Are they less strange from a legless girl with a tail. Are legs of flies, wings of butterflies, fingers of babies are inconsiderable things? If we look at carefully to our world and different creatures from human being to micro animals we would believe everything is possible and easy for our Creator. 

There are many fake videos on youtube. If you say the video is at the discovery channel's web site then that is another thing. I do't believe in mermaids. These only creation of human fantasy and exists only in fairy tales.

Mermaids, no.  Now the tooth fairy may be real.  Beliefs are very personal.  What harm is it to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?  People bet against the odds and purchase lottery tickets because someone has to win. Every culture has its own myths.  Modern technology savvy cultures have urban legends.  I choose to believe in the spirit of Robin Hood and the exciting tales of explorers and adventurers. 

What? No. It's a mockumentary. The footage was fake.

I mean, this is incredibly obvious anyway to someone with even a basic understanding of biology. There's no feasible manner in which a fish could evolve a half-mammal body that's physically identical to a modern homo sapiens, nor is there any way that a modern homo sapiens could evolve a half-fish body. Humans are part of the Mammalia class, while fish are part of the Osteichthyes class; we've been separated by about 400+ million years. To suggest that there's any such thing as a half-fish, half-human creature swimming through the world's oceans is about as absurd as suggesting that there's a half-human, half-banana roaming the depths of the Amazon rainforest.


The only ways mermaids could exist are via the hypotheses of magic/spontaneous generation/special creationism/etc., none of which are remotely reasonable positions to hold, as they all fly right in the face of empirical reality. Mermaids exist only in the same way that dragons or unicorns exist: exclusively in myths and fantasy books.

Hehe.. If mermid were true I supposed they are alien.

@CJHepp, do you able to sleep after watchign this kind of movie or serial?

i'm not believe that. because,there is only an animal,not human mermaid.


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