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Just a curiosity: first thing that comes to your mind if you think about your country!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if you think about your country? And why? I'm curious :)

I think it can help to understand other cultures and their different point of view! Thanks! 

¿Cuál es la primera cosa que viene a su mente cuando piensa en su país? ¿Y por qué? Tengo curiosidad :)
Creo que eso puede ayudar a comprender otras culturas y sus diferentes puntos de vista! ¡Gracias!



Islas y playa. Hay 7107 islas aquí en las Filipinas.

dumpline, china

Beer, thongs (as in flip flops), kangaroos and the beach. I'm Australian if it wasn't obvious  :)

Diabetes and jingoism.

As an American, the first thing I think of is our flag, the old Stars and Stripes.

Áo dài - It s our traditional clothes. :)

I'm Russian. I think about Red square in Moscow. It's a center of all country. Nearby is the zero mark for all roads in the country.


Freedom, wind of Revolution for always  more social equality.

Beauty of the country

Great Architecture ...Paris and so many others cities

...Engine/Member of Europe

I'm French but I hope one day I could say I'm European...It sounds so better  

because,my country has many islands,and so my countery is the state nickname of a thousand islands.

China is a big country ,you cannot imagine ,it means chinese people have different enviorment and living views ,in my city, in one day ,i can experience 3 seasons .

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