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Difference between 可以,能 and 会?

They all mean "can", right? How do I know which one to use?

Thanks in advance.




可以 eg. I think I can (will be suceed in doing something). 我认为我可以 (做成某事).

能 eg. 我能行么啊? Can I do this? Can I make it? Can I achieve that?

会 eg. 我会成功吗? Will I succeed?

In my opinion, they all mean "can" and there a little bit difference among them.

"可以", like "could", more polite.

"能", it's the closest words to "can", stronger and more confident.

"会", sometime, like bedfordcherish said, it could be translated as "will". And sometime, if it means "can", I think it focuses on some abilities.


Hope my words can help you.



if you means sb can do sth,or ask sb if he/she can do sth,the three words all can be used.

but if there is a 不 inforent of those three words ,the meaning has been changed

①all these=can't

②不可以/不能=you mustn't do sth

   不会=you won't do sth

could you teach me english? could=可以 能

may i go there?  may=可以 能

will you go to school? will=会


In my opinion,

1.可以=can  mean the posibility(something needed to be approved and admitted). For an example: 我可以去玩吗?--could i go to play? Yes, you can(你可以的)(this point equals to 能够) the difference between 可以 and 能够 are :

    "可以 means someone want to ask the advice &opinion from other. "; 能够 express uncertainty to do something or question the possibility to do something" for an example, could we catch the bus on time? not sure whether we could catch the bus.

    sometimes, it also refers to the capability. 我可以独立完成这项工作-I was able to finish the work        

    independently. In this point, it's similar to 能. but in many situation, 能 means the qualification. 可以 sounds like something that was "forced to do"

   as for 会? 他会来吗? -will he come? it means “uncertainty(guess)”. I have doubt whether he would come.  我会打字.---I know how to type. It means"understand to do something after learning or being trained"

  Hope that it will be help to you

Hola. todos las parabras pueden se traducir :poder,saber o muy seguro.

por ejempro:1.cuando alguien te pregunta que si puedes hacer una cosa,entocens puedes contestarle:会,可以,能


2.pero cuando alguien te pregunta sobre si o no,solo contestas:可以,能


Hola anling,soy valeria.Quiero aprender espanol contigo,y puedo ensenarte quieres aprendernos mutuamente,digame.



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