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Please help me out of here...

Hi guys! Here's a question. This sentence "My phone battery is dead." , could I say "My phone is out of juice." ? Then why?




Is there juice in cellphones? But it sounds funny! 

In which language do people say "My cellphone ran out of juice?"






It is a colloquial term. That means it is an expression used between some speakers of English. I think it comes from American English. 
"Juice" in this context means 'battery life' 

Learn English, not American English.

Thanks for explaining me this. I'm just curious about this kind of statement. And found its funny:)

It doesn't make scene.It looks to be funny but its not correct.If you say My phone is out of juice others will be confused cause it could be like you are out of credit if you using Pay as you go or if you want to say that battery is dead.


So it will be better to use battery is dead.

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"juice" is a slang term for electricity or an electric current.  So you certainly can say "My phone is out of juice."  However, "juice" is not limited to electricity produced by a battery.   For example:  "Before working on a buidling's wiring, it's a good idea to turn off the juice."  (= it's a good idea to turn off the electricity.) 


"to juice up" is also slang, and means to give spirit or energy to a party.  Imagine a party is very dull.  Someone could say, "I'm going play some music to juice up the party." (= I'm going to play some music to give some life/energy to the party."



My phone need to charge . This is another wording .

too hectic destination : correction : my phone needs to be charged .

In france we often say "I just took a juice shot" if an electrical component give us a little discharge (piles for example)

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