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Exchange Farsi to English

Hi everybody,

I'm here to exchnage my native speaking in farsi to English.



well, we can exange our languages

Ok good idea  i am ready to exchange

here is my skype : ****

if you want to learn persion i can help you

best regards


I'm ready too :)

Hi everybody,

I speak Persain ( Frasi) fluently and English is my second language , I'd like to exchange Frasi to english .:)


I'm Lili ,I live in uk and I want to improve my english,if you are fancy we can exchange our languages,good luck :)

my native language is persian can you help me to learn english

Hi a gain guys!

I'm really suprised of all yor comments but I think It is a misunderestanding becuase, I am going to improve my English language as a second language .I'll be happy to exchange my first language(Farsi) to second one(English).



I speak english and would like to learn farsi.

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