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What will you do to forget your boyfriend?

I have just broken up with my boyfriend for over two months. Unfortunately, it seems really difficult for me to forget him and all our memories. Actually since our break up, we still meet each other for several times but I know that I can not get on well with him and have a marriage for many private reasons. I feel stressful these days. 



the time will answer your trouble

enjoy your life. don't be sad, and don't intend to forget it. Because the more you forget, will be more remembered. Let everything goes by itself ! ^^

A famous quote says: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!". You know, if you decide to move on, you will! :-)

when I broke up my ex-boyfriend, I tried to find many works to do, I didn't have time to miss him. I went out with my friends, went swimming, v.v... I started to know to take care of myself than before. It was amazing that I didn't miss him :D. I think there are many men who are good in the world, so I can look up another. You will do it. Try your best. 

The best way to forget something or someone is to work hard. 

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