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Who is your favorite singer?Which his/her song is best?why?

Like me,my favorite singer is Justin Bieber,because I think he is so amazing and cute.

I think OVERBOARD is best,because I like the voise of the song!

And U:)



Kurt Cobain.


i like MayDay best.they have a magic that let everything rock.

i love kamran & hooman, selena gomez, katty pery, ebi, and my dad


i hate lady gaga and rihana( not alot but again i don't like her)


justin is also good


I love Avril Lavigne since I listened her song, "Complicated". Yeah, I think Avril's best song is "Complicated", because that song was listened for the first time by me. I don't know why, the first time/the first thing is just perfect to me.

Avril Lavigne is a cool girl I think!

I have a friend likes her very much.

He buys a lot her albums.

I think Avril's best song is ''Innocence''

Because the song makes me feel good and comfortable.


beyonce is my favorite singer and "I was here" is for me her best song I think it's a beautiful song and it's a song that made me reflect on what I want to accomplish in my life :)



Wow...It's really the best song of her!

The song is touch my heart!

Make me a little bit want to cry.

''I Was Here...
I Lived, I Loved
I Was Here...
I Did, I've Done, Everything That I Wanted
And It Was More Than I Thought It Would Be
I Will Leave My Mark So Everyone Will Know
I Was Here...!!!!'' 

I love through the rain by Mariah Carey. The reason is just watch the music video then read the lyric itself, then y'all will know why that song is so great

OK:) I will watch the music video.

Thanks for your favorite song ^.^

I have heard this song and watched the music video:)

Through the rain by Mariah Carey is an inspirational song.

In this video I can see her parents didn't accept her lover because he was black.

Her parents even thought their daughter was a disgrace.

Finally they ''Through the rain'' !

It's so touching.



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