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Frustration Chinese with tones


Does anyone else get frustrated with learning to speak with the correct tones?


One example would be knowing all the words to a song and then singing it but people cannot understand you(Actually I can't sing so this may be true!)


Do Chinese people have similar struggles with pronouncing english words which is a non-tonal language?




The title should be "Frustration with learning Chinese tones"


I'm a native english speaker so I should be more careful :-)

I suppose I encountered the same problem as you mentioned above . At the beginning of speaking to native english speakers last year, I found they cannot comphrend all of my speaking which frustrated me really , however , with tireless efforts practice , I found they can understand more and more gradually and it encouged me indeed . Now , my speaking is more comprehended than before . Chinese pronunciation is quite different from English in some ways and that is why you need practice more and more . Do not feel frustrated , remember  all you have to do is to keep practing and thinking how to improve next time . I think next time it would be better tahn last time and your chinese friends might be happy to help your pronunciation if you asked for correction . I am willing to share my experience in conducting non native chinese speakers to speak more fluently.


actually chinese pronunciation is so different from Englsh .  As a chinese , my first language is chinese ,so it seems not to hard for me . When i study English i dont think its too difficult to pronounce ,i think maybe in chinese language , including too many pronounce' skills, so its easier to study the other different languaege .

i suggest u to say more everyday ,more practice will improve ur chinese easily.

exactly :(My tones always sound strange in speaking English (my personal thought as I haven't asked others if this is really a problem).


but what upsets me most would be listening to English songs where every word in the lyrics should have been learnt and understood but I still can't understand till I read the lyrics... -___-


I always question myself if my English listening is that bad :(

I don't think English has no tones. Like the word 'comprehension', it sounds [,kɔmpri'henʃən], the first syllable and the third one, they actually have tones. Actually, the first syllable's tone is exactly the same as the even tone in Chinese, and the third syllable's tone is the same as the falling tone in Chinese. That's what I found interesting between English and Chinese. Now I have no idea how to teach you the rising tone or the falling and rising tone in Chinese. Maybe I will find a way later. In China, when kids go to school, they need to learn the tones too. Generally they follow their teacher to pronounce the four tones many many times, so I think practise makes perfect. Don't be frustrated, things always seem difficult at the beginning, but you will do better later. Good luck to your Chinese learning. :-)

l feel the same when l am learning English. It's like stuck in the mud and you want to go out but so hard.

For Polish people like me, tones are most difficult part of learning Chinese language.


As grammar is very easy compare to Polish.

Writing is a good fun (it require a bit of time for practice but it is managable .)

Speaking is ... a challenge.

I got into many troubles when i trying to say something nice and i end up with ... swearing ;) .


Chinese is easy to learn,but it require much more practice and constant learning compare to English.

That's my experience.










I think Chinese is very easy to speak ,but It has four tones, maybe that is why is difficult to speak well.

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