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i want to speak english confidently

hi guys. Im jak senior high. I want to speak englisg fluently and confidently but i dont know how. i am embarrased when i speak english because there someting in my mind saying OOppps dont say that ur grammar is incorrect blah blah blah. sounds weird but...that the truth. please please help me. to return the favour ill help u to speak my native language which is a filipino AKA tagalog




hi! im a tutor, if you want my help you can message me. :-)

me too i want learn english but i dont know how

I accept! :D I would just LOVE to help, and I'm very interested in Tagalog.

Don't be afraid of getting your grammar wrong. People here in this site won't laugh at you and will even correct you instead unlike in others especially Facebook where others make fun of you if you get a single mistake. I know that because I'm Filipino too ;) and I see a lot of fellow Filipinos mocking another Filipino just for a single grammar mistake =_=. It's pathetic imo. But anyway, you should not get discouraged by them. Just express what you want to express even if your grammar wrong as long as you get your idea across. :)

I feel the exact same way when I try to speak Tagalog! We should definitely try to help each other out. let me know if you want an English practice partner!

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