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How would you like to spend your Fridays?

Although it is Friday here in Japan, most people work as hard as usual. some of my coworkers even work until 8 in the evening. on the other hand, my friends work for foreign companies or who is living in other countries seem to know how to enjoy their Friday...Finishing earlier, going to pubs, going out with friends. wonder if it is only Japanese people who work this hard even on friday.

please tell me about your country and how would you like to spend your friday? what is your favourie way to spend it?

I love going out with my friends and talking like crazy over amazing dinner! :) 



Hello Kaori, I'm from Colombia did you heard about my country? ... well, here friday it's the shortest day of the week, people leaves theirs jobs as early as possible and go to shopping, to watching movies, to discos, pubs etc, most of the people uses friday as an excuse to drink a couple of beers and have a good time with friends and partners, in conclussion in colombia friday it party time!



thank you for your correction!

Hi, iscariah!


thank you for your comment, I am SO jealous of you! really wish Japan have that custom as well... People here should know that time with your family/friends is more important than jobs! 

Konichiwa Kaori-san, O-genki desu-ka?


I have to agree with Isacariah. In the States, we have the same attitude about Friday. However, I try really hard not to look forward to Friday. Work is not always fun, but if I ignore Monday - Thursday & only focus on Friday, then I am wasting 4 days of my life. So, I try to enjoy each day & then when the weekend comes, I just enjoy those days a little more


I also love Bushido. 'Yuuki' teaches us "to rise up above the masses who are afriad to act. Hiding, like a turtle in a shell is not living at all, a warrior must have heroric courage. It is absolutely risky & almost always dangerous. However, heroic courage is not blind, it is intelligent & strong. It is living life completely, fully & wonderfully. It is experiencing life in every breath"


For me, this is 1 of the most difficult Bushido principles to follow. So I take little steps. I try to find at least 1 thing in every day, to look forward to, no matter how small. This way, even if work or my day is stressful & bad, I still have something to lift me up, even if its just a little lift


You are right though. Nothing is more important than family & friends. Even in the States, people often dont understnad that. I know Japan is gives great importance to jobs these days. Do you think this custom is something that has come with modern Japanese society? In other words, do you think that Japan has always focused on jobs & duties above family & friends, or do you think that, in the past, Japan used to be more focused on family & friends & has become more focused on jobs & duties as time moves on?


Arigato Kaori-san


Mata ne  :)

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