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How do you learn a language?

This question is specific to how you learn a language. What techniques do you use? 



Well I speak a lot in that language I want to learn. Reading and watching TV(with subtitle) helps me, too. 

If you listen to some songs in that language you want to learn.. read the lyrics of the songs and translate them .. 



Three steps are very important in impooving a Language. 1.Read the Language. 2. Listen that Language 3. Speak that Language. If you will follow these three steps , certainly very soon you will completely manage that Language. To overcome step 3, please make friends and start talking with them on Skype or other similar medium on a regular basis.
On about 90% of students are interested in learning English. Presently we are living in the world of
globalization where English is a common language and spoken world wide. That is why English is considered
to be a global Language. English is the first and foremost criteria whenever you are applying for a job or
you are seeking admission in a reputed institution.
Hear are few tips, that will help you in enhancing fluency in English.
1. Read English cartoon books.
2. Read English short stories books on a daily basis.
3. Listen to English news on TV & radio.
4.Write your own diary in English.
5.Make good English Language Partners on, and speak with them on topics of mutual interest,
on a daily basis.
6.Pen Friendship/ Pen-pal will also help you in expressing your views in English.
Wishing you a pleasent Language learning ! Good Luck !


I think that first one should learn the basic words in that language, and should try to form sentence using the words. Of course watching that language movies with subtitles and trying to speak it back surely helps.

Using the language you are learning :)

get friends and talk in this language so you can see where you ar doing mistakes and where you need to improve.

Also , many tips u have read here .





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