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Is there anyone here who works in Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel in Moscow?




I worked in Marriott Royal Aurora Moscow 

@Tanja: Is there any part-time job in Marriott Royal Aurora Moscow? I would like to find a part-time job there like server or washing dishes....

But I wonder if I was accepted or not, because I'm foreigner

no problem.A lot of foreigners work in hotel.  But may be it is diffikult a pat-time job to get. You schould try. You have a chance)))

I have a question. Do you live in Russia? in Moscow?



@Tanja: Oh, really? That's great!! I'll definitely try!!!

I live in Vietnam, but I'm going to go to Moscow in September and be there for 10 months for studying. I'm interested in Hospitality, so if I found a job there I would have some experiences and money. Marriott Royal Aurora Moscow is so beautiful :)))))) I would try other hotels if I didn't get a job there. Thank you for your comments Tanja! 

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