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How can you relieve stress in your daily life?

I want to listen to how to relieve stress from all different countries.


For one thing, I usually relieve my stress by eating food I like. Pizza, chicken and beer..


How about you guys?



Sing Rock Song make me better.

I try to optimise my life or solve a question, find a solution, understand a situation why I got it because when you have different solutions you can be less stressful

it make me relax to see a moive or carton 

Clean my house, organize my things, cook a delicious healthy meal, and working out help me to relieve stress.

Swimming always makes me feel good. Just like doing exercices and taking a hot shower afterwards. Also meditation for half an hour with relaxation music or sounds of nature will do fine. Now I'm going to bed. That's also very relaxing.  ;~)

It depends on the reason of stress. Sometimes I pray and sometines I just watch some TV series.

I listen to music and walk. :)

I find quiet space make me feel better

There is nothing to be feared , except fear . I rewrite it: there is nothing to be stressed , other than stress . Chase off the problem and fix it . You may relax and take every possibility as you can .  

I would get around a little time.

Chase off the problem and try to fix it.

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