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the favorite song

tell me what song do you like?




My favorites  now are "Holodna" and "Ia Tebya Liublu "   from Masha Sobko...

Джордж Майкл - Freedom

Fraulein! Russian song of the nightingale.

Перевод на русский нужен?

 Мы находимся в русской, всё-таки

one of my favorite:
Paul McCartney – I Want To Come Home

Bruno Mars- "Just the way you are"  

it's simple and beautiful at same time



my fauvorite song is Ten black roses(The Rasmus)

Fall Out Boy группы некоторые любимые

Paul McCartney –This Never Happened Before

amy Macdonald- this is life

like right now....I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS....


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