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do you think this saying is right the more friends you have got and the more happiness you would possess?

everybody will be invited to express your own opinion.



I think that's not right, because the main factor for people being unhappy is that pursuit for happy in materials things as friends. Yeah, I know that friends are very important in our lives and certanly they also make our lives better, but I think the cause of happiness may transcend which is visible or as I said material. I don't know if you believe in God, but I do, then I can't imagine how happiness is possible without Him, because a life based on God has really happiness. Even when I was atheist I used to think that happiness never will be find in materials things, I just didn't know what that is yet.

P.S. I hope you can understand what I wrote, because my writing is awful. 

I think that's  right. Because many friend have a different nature and skill.

Only if they are real friends and the real freind is the one who "touchs your heart ans holds yuour armes" and certainly "makes you happy" :)

I think , it's true
Friends are a real treasure which can bring happiness to our life !
When you are surrounded by people who loves you and cares about you ... people you can trust on them , this makes your life better and makes you feel happy !

In fact, many people sink into miserable life due to too many friends.

I think having friends is a contributing factor towards a happy life, but it's not the sole determinant of happiness.

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