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Learning Spanish

So, I'll be staying in Colombia starting this August for 1 year. Hopefully, someone can teach me to learn Spanish. Thanks.



Can you speak some Spanish now?

No, I try to learn the grammar first. And I'm just a beginner.

Me, too! I only know some basic greetings, and I can't read and write..

For serious studying, you'd better find a school or a tutor to give you a systematical class , just personal opinion.That would be more effetive.

Do people there speak English?

Yes, but it's very difficult to find Spanish tutor in my hometown. Besides, it will be very expensive, since not many people interested in Spanish haha. Do you mean in my country or where? I'm from Indonesia, I speak Indonesian. English is foreign language in my country. So, not all people speak English here :)

I am loocking for english speakers who can help me
I am not a teacher but i can help you with ur spanish 

Sure Adan. I'll help you with English. And please help me with Spanish.

which city will you stay? I live in Bogota so i can help you with some advices :)

I'll live in Bogota, Dan :) Please give me advice. I need to know what kind of town is Bogota and also about the weather. I know nothing about Colombia or Bogota. :(

Sure, Sebastian. I'm willing to help you.

Hello Rut. I highly reommend you try out the Michel Thomas method for learning Spanish. I have learned a reasonable ammount of Spanish and would be happy to help you out.

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