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We are what we eat. The culture of good food

A day of last spring, some my friends and i while we were coming back home from work, we stopped to eat a bite in a fast food along the way near Oschiri, a small town in northern Sardinia. Surely this local is not a famous restaurant but with few money you can eat good sandwiches, slices of pizza or a typical local food called Panada, that is a salted pie cooked in the oven, made with several type of vegetables and meat (beef or lamb) or eels enclosed into a casing of pasta. If then one want good to himself, it's possible to match lunch with a good glass of beer or wine and to finish, closes all, with a good coffee.

While we were eating, two person (probably husband and wife) sat on the table next to our. Listening their language, we realized that they probably were German. With our big amazement we saw what they ordered and then what they were eating: pizza and capuccino. It was terrible. Eating is and must be a pleasure, and not bringing food into our body to meet the need of kilocalories. I don't want to think with stupid stereotypes, but I am sure that no italian could ever make a thing like that, because if it's true that we have many defects, surely we know to appreciate good food .



We substitute good food for fast food, good music for pop-music, long letters for short sms. Russians also have greate traditions of complicated cooking and unhurried eating :)) But we live a rapid life in a global world and we have to change traditions.

And... I'm sinful, padre - I eat pizza with capuccino :)

Hi Kafka, very, very pleasant and funny. Congratulations

My friends had to get used to watching me eating salted fish just after an ice-cream - and many of them tried, too, as it's always written on a person's face when he or she really enjoys something (including food). If this "probable German" couple had that look - why not? As my grandpa says, some men like blond women, some like red, but there always are those who like women without hair or don't like them at all ;)
That's wonderful when someone's enjoying home-made meal - that makes me, as a Cook happy and proud. And fast-food itself is terrible, followed by cappuccino, beer or milk. Even ice-cream + fish is better :P

Dear friend

It is not in discussion the fact that each one makes of his own life what he wants, including the way of eating. However, as you say, if one have that light in his face when eat milk and mussels, beh let me tell you, who at that person never will be possible explain that a Vermentino of Sardinia must be served at a temperature of 8-10 °C, or a Gewürztraminer must be served at a temperature of 12-14 °C because only so it's possible to perceive all their scents and flavors and if I will happen to have a dinner with this person, i will not let him cook.

But , I repeat, each one makes of his own life what he wants, and the world is nice because is various also in its different points of view

All of us has our own traditions and taste. Pizza is considered now as a fast-food or a junk- food. However, I must admit that it's delicious.
Georgians have their own national junk food. Our cuisine is famous for tasty, but unfortunately unhealthy food.
BTW, what do Italians drink with pizza?

 As for me, I don't need anything .

Hi Keti, I always try to be an objective person so i am sincere when i say that the best pizza, you can eat above all in Italy. Infact here from us, pizza is not considerated a junk food but a food whose preparation, requires carefull and competence. Infact a good pizza-maker correctly chooses the flour, water, leavening times to avoid that it will remain on the stomach. Add to the all, that quality of condiments namely tomato, mozzarella, several vegetables etc has to be always very high. Surely also in Italy you can find, pizza-makers not very good, but usually they are trained and carefull in their job.
All the times that I ate pizza in other countries i have been disappointed.
I believe that the best drink to match, is a blonde beer

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