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Why you interest to learn French?

How do you think about French?



salut tu veux qu'on pratique le français avec plaisir et merci d'avance voila mon skype

prancis tidak terlalu menarik, i like GERMAN,

Aku suka Perancis karena aku pernah mempelajari Peranci ketika aku SMA. (^_^). I like French.

That's one of the greatest languages. I mean, French sounds really great and it's not as difficult as people say. I'd love to visit France, especially Paris. :)

I was in France a few time, this is very pretty country with very melodic language! I used this language in Turkey, Spain even in Austria!))) It's useful, in world many peoples speak french!

I never wanted to learn french ... but then I had to learn it at school and really like it since. I guess we had a pretty good teacher! I'm out of school for about 4 years now and forgot lot's of words. Now, Im trying to improve my french again and also searching for an internship in a french-speaking country :)

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