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Why you interest to learn French?

How do you think about French?



I am not interested to learn French !!!

salut tu veux qu'on pratique le français avec plaisir et merci d'avance voila mon skype

prancis tidak terlalu menarik, i like GERMAN,

Aku suka Perancis karena aku pernah mempelajari Peranci ketika aku SMA. (^_^). I like French.

That's one of the greatest languages. I mean, French sounds really great and it's not as difficult as people say. I'd love to visit France, especially Paris. :)

I was in France a few time, this is very pretty country with very melodic language! I used this language in Turkey, Spain even in Austria!))) It's useful, in world many peoples speak french!

I never wanted to learn french ... but then I had to learn it at school and really like it since. I guess we had a pretty good teacher! I'm out of school for about 4 years now and forgot lot's of words. Now, Im trying to improve my french again and also searching for an internship in a french-speaking country :)

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