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i know it might sound funny to you, guys.. but I'm sooo happy right now.


It's been a very cold and rainy spring in Germany :/ Beginning of summer is in 9 days. So I hope the weather will stay like this and get hotter and more sunny :))


How's the weather in your country? And what time is it? Here it's 10:24 :)



summer ,very hot ,

I wish it could be hot here too -.-

i dont like the weather here recently,its very hot in the morning then it'll suddenly change in the mid noon like it will be cloudy and freakinly hot, the feeling is not good, its annoyingly humid, then her comes the rain sometimes with lightning and thunder. Its rainy season now here we are expecting strong typhoons this month til october. Its how it is here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons, wet and dry seasons.

Here in Paris it is cloudy. No rain yet. But not great weather. :(


I know what it feels like when the sun comes out finally :)

The Extreme North of Russia.

The weather is amazing. It's sunny, hot (about +30) and dry.

But the White sea is still cold.

Its really hot in Karachi, No sign of rain so far Kiara

It's very pleasant in Portland Oregon, USA, 65 degrees Farenheit, partly cloudy.

As far as I'm concerned, I prefer cold weather (around 15-20 degrees). Somehow I can't stand summer and I wish it didn't exist where I live. :)

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