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Do you prefer American pronunciation or English pronunciation ?

Do you prefer American pronunciation or English pronunciation ? I have been studied in American English for many years and I found it's hard for me to understand the pronunciation of the British English in some TV series. I think I am supporsed to improve my listening skills.



Yes, you're right, but American accent is really hard to understand.

I have to confess that British accent sounds little rude.



I think it depends. I hate American English in general, but I do agree that sometimes American English sounds good in music and in films. For students to understand, American English might be a bit easier to understand. It depends on the accent of the Brit.

Both of them have there own characteristics, I think you can listen carefully and try to figure out something cool or fun. I like both~!

i am more expose to american english, so i find it hard to understand the british accent.

i grew up with britsh english and now im am exposed to the american accent.I think it sound better in the english accent but as craig said the american accent can be usesule for somethings as well…

ah i would say '' the british one '' as i've been used to it  for years however i just find American pronounciation uncouth :) i like British :) 

English accent sounds better for me.

British accent sounds a bit faster sometimes,i would like use American english,but i keen on british english,it's more gentle~

I prefer british pronunciation even though I have spoken and learned american english for about 10 years. I think british pronunciation is more nice, but I really don't understand a british dialect called Cockney.


There are many American accents (New York City alone has quite a few), and there are many different British ones. In general, British people tend not to pronounce 'r's coming after vowels, or pronounce them less, so 'car' sounds like 'ka'. I am American. My British wife insists that 'hairy' and 'Harry' are pronounced differently, but not only do I disagree, I can't tell the difference when she says them.

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