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Does your name have any special meaning ?

Does your name have any special meaning ?

my name is malik , I am a muslim and my name means in arabic the narrator of the prophet



My Chinese name mean ancient emperor,i will be killed if i born at ancient emperor.

My name is Clara and my name means famous :)

it is mean if i do , i am the NO.1

Thanks you for kind comments


your name is very nice

you Must work hard to be first

My real name is John Lawrence (Lawrence is also my given name, not my surname). John means "God is gracious" and Lawrence means "lauren-crowned" (not sure how they're connected tho lol). Meanwhile, my Chinese name is 文明 (wen ming) and it means "culture" or "civilization".

My name is Gaetano....and i discovered it derives by a nice city of Italy called Gaeta......
I love it but i was born in another city.....

My name is Alyssa Joyce. Alyssa means joy and great happiness and Joyce cheerful and merry. 

My name is Alexey. This ancient Greek name means defender.

your names are very nice and meanings have thoughtful

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