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เพลงไทยที่ชอบที่สุด The favorite Thai song

Did u listen the Thai songs ? Which one is your favorite ?
Could u recommend some thai song for me ? or thai singers ~
Especially the male and female duet songs ~~

ขอบคุณค่ะ Thx ~~~




do you heard นิว&จิ๋ว? they're a famous duet female. i love their songs 

you can search in youtube. there are so many good songs you might love 

ex. ให้ฉันรอแล้วได้อะไร , ไม่รัก ไม่ต้อง , คนเจ้าน้ำตา etc.


@mummie  ขอบคุณนะค่ะ

these songs are pleasant to hear ~~~nice voice ~~~ i like : )




rak ter tang mot kong hua jai is my fave.. and gon from citizen dog ^^

Almost everything I listen to is from 2005. I need to go back to Thailand and update my music stash. :p


I like PenguinVilla, Acapella7, Clash, Sek Loso, Bird, and ป้าง นครินทร์ 


The only male-female duet I know is the song ภูมิแพ้กกรุงเทพ by ป้าง นครินทร์ and ตั๊กแตน ชลดา. I like it. :)

Very interesting topic for me, too. Let me keep on checking this discussion as I would like to find good and popular songs. Maybe I want to try them for Karaoke. 


My fave isn't romantic music, but it's awesome. Sek LoSo!




Love it!


It's a beautiful song. ^^

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