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What is your hobby in your life?

  What is your hobby?I like to play table tennis in my free time.And I would take part in race now and then.Besides,I would like to go camping with my friends.



Hmm, I love reading very much, I play basketball in my spare time and I like camping too :)

Hi! How are you?

Good luck with your tennis competition ^_^

My favorite hobby are learning languages and cultures, travelling, cooking and reading. I like reading books in free time.

I lıke playıng guıtar, readıng book and playıng chess. ı thınk my hobbıes are very cheap.. 


i like reading.... studing book ,as well as plaing tennis..and also my favrite hobby are learnig lanuages....thanks:)

sleeping :) 

I love reading books ,, I like surf on the internet

I like to singing, reading, writing, open my laptop al the day, make anyone laugh

I like to write poetry, reading books, learn about other countries, to watch the series,learn other language and meet friends other nationality,go for a walk,make happy other people ... :)

My passion is music :)

I like travel, snooker, photograph, and dreaming, listening music and dazing

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