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the life in kinshasa

hello dear friends now l .m scared   to be appointed  a new job   as officer  by quarrel  of about me  by  a bad woman  unfoutunaltely  unrightly  they  goosiped  ablut me and jurnaled   to our  manager   so they  gained to  ruin  at this conditoons   l disleke  all  gossip girls and women agiants  men   in their office 

 but unfoutunaltely  everytime  these  bad  gossip and talkative   women  are  gaining  all conditions  soon  l,m soo unhapyy  and l dislike  these womens 

tell me dear friends  is there god  here  where is my right  why  is he  ruin everytime  me   unrgihtly   by bad women l coant  endure   my god   that is  not good world if you have  all rights   for them  never never   



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