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I was reading a book about danish grammar and I started now studying verbs.

I saw that these two verbs mean play. What's the difference?


tusind tak!



Lege is more for when kids play.

Gider du lege? (Do you want to play?)

Gå ud og leg! (go out and play!)


Spille is more for playing games.

Gider du at spille et videospil? (do you want to play a video game?)

Skal vi spille monopoly? (do you want to play monopoly)


This is what i think is the difference ;)

I am from the Faroe Islands, but i speak Danish fluently :)


"lege" means to play, play together as kids do, and play with something that is related to kids, such as dolls. If you use "lege" then it think of it as "play with"


"spille" is used for games and activities (lad os spille fodbold = let's play football)


So "lege" is mostly used by kids or when you play with an object, while "spille" is the more commonly used expression as it refers to an activity, or games.

Thanks guys very much for those explanations!! : )

I actualy hadn't had that doubt for I didn't know the verbs themselves in the first place.. lol : )    'cause I'm still pretty much in the very early stages of the wonderful Danish language.. but, still, I'm a lover of it already..and it's on my plans to start studying intensively as well as thoroughly very soon.. so, any acknowledgement from the explanations I find on the Danish disscussion sector here or elsewhere is being very helpful.   specially in this early beginning.. : )


So, thank you, once more.

"Spille" could also refer to playing an instrument, or music being played:


Hvad spiller de i radioen? (What are they playing on the radio?)

Spiller du guitar? (Do you play the guitar?)

Spil en sang for mig! (Play a song for me!)

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