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HELLO everybody!!! I am very curious about internet firendship... What do u think ,  can online friendship grow and become love ,,is it possible to love somebody chating online and after marry? How serious can such relationship be!!!  And the last have you ever love someone in "cyber world"?



may be! ^^

I know  a few pairs who got acquinted on the internet and after got married. So I think the Internet chating may grow to a real LOve.

I'm with my girlfriend from 3 years ago and we are so happy together. I met her in MySpace :)

I am very sure you can find your Mr. right on the web and this person must hide somewhere you do not know. You need take efforts to chase  off this guy with perseverance. online chatting is the first step you must take . The real love is not supposed to be established online only in my opinion and you need to nurture it like your family. 


Cyberworld is fancy and dazzling , however , it is mind exchange so that you can not count on the virtual world altogether.

Thank u all for your comments, I would like to add, that in this discussion i didn t mean myself. I.e. I offered that discussion because people spend the most of their time on the interenet...

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