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Online Arabic Vocabulary Builder & Learn Arabic Phrases.


Hello Arabic learners,

Below is a link to a video designed to help build your Arabic vocabulary. The topic of the video is 'Clothing & Accessories'. If there's other 'Clothing & Accessories' words and phrases that you would like to know, post them in comments below.

Online Arabic Vocabulary Builder - Clothing & Accessories

Arabic Phrases:

How to compliment someone in Arabic.

I like your skirt - تعجبني تنورتك  tu`jebuni tannouratuki
This skirt suits you - هذه التنورة تناسبك hadhihi at-tannourah tunaasebuki
Your skirt is very pretty - تنورتك جميلة جدا  tannouratuki jameelatun jeddan

Keyword: tannourah تنورة - shirt 
How to say skirt in Arabic:

Thank you.

How to say skirt in Arabic:



How do you say take off your shoes?

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