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Is it possible for us to be tottally free?





Anarchy! :X

man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains


Please define "free". Without parameters, I cannot provide an accurate opinion on the matter.

Ya, what do you want to do for free ?

Absolutely Not......even others pretend that...

Anyway ,, Michael.....your questions are highly chosen...Thanks for that.

Let me ask you What is your major?

I´m trying to decide on a major.

I dropped college once because accounting is too "cold/ empty" and I want something that inspires me.

A famous mexican writer named Carlos Fuentes said:

Freedom doesn’t exist, but the search for freedom, and this search set us free.

While I understand your sentiment, Rosa, that doesn't help much. I can't answer a question without a definition. If I define "free" to mean "free from the laws of physics" then obviously the answer is "no". If I define it to mean "free from objective imprisonment in a jail", then the answer is "yes".


"Free" is simply too vague of a word, with too many random implications and applications and interpretations, for me to answer it with any degree of confidence that it's the version of "free" that Michael wanted. I could easily give one of fifty defitions for the word, say that the answer is "no" to all of them, and Michael informs me that he actually meant definition no. 51.

I believe it's impossible for us mere mortal souls to be totally free. ... :( ...  I believe that we humans lack free will. ... :( ... Our actions and behavior are determined by our DNA and life circumstances which are beyond our control. ... :(


we are free in some aspects---but absolute freedom??? not possible...even nature has its laws.  :)

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