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Except for your native language,how long have you been in the study of another language?

I have begun my English learning since I was in the primary school.It is a almost 15-year-time.

^ ^but I only used 3 years to forget most of them since I went out my about you guys...ladys and gentlemen



I have learned it for about 9 years :) I have learned English from primary school too. It was my favourite subject in high school, but when I join to university exam, I didn't focus in english so I forget many grammars ...


I had studied Spanish for 5 years but learned absolutly nothing from those years. I realized it was because I was not passionate about that language. Now I am learning Korean by watching Youtube videos and I am taking a Korean course next semester to learn more. Since I am actually passionate about learning this language I am able to pick things up quicker than I ever did with Spanish. 

I've learned english for 8 years now :D

but even though I love this language I am still not able to speak, or very little :(

on and off for 7 years

Hi! I've started learning english when I was 5. And now I'm twenty, so it's been 15 years when I first started learning english. Its part of my education and english is usually used for everyday conversation in my country, even for teaching almost all subjects for school except for social studies and our language. :) 

I'm learning korean right now, I started last year but I took some time off to focus on my licensure exam last december. I'm refreshing my knowledge right now with the lessons I've learned last year. :)

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