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question ??

is there anyone in this site who reaches  the true happiness ? like if s/he is happy . I need to know cuz i need some hope from this life.



You can't find such person because the people,ideas,beliefs,criteria and the diffinition of happiness are  differenet.But we are living by hope.Just keep living happy life,never say die,do your best to enjoy your life despite of its limitations and shortcoms.Remember:Life is what we make it.It's up to you to make a better life or a bad one.You may ask how can I do it?The answer is this:By hard-working and using your potential.It has been said that where there's life there's hope.Repeat it for yourself everyday and everytime.It can be helpful,too.

thnx for ur sweet words it is just what i really need .

What do you mean by "the true happiness"?

I'm happy about my life. There's good days and a few bad days, and I've had some bad in my past but I wouldn't trade it at all. It's made me who I am, and I can appreciate things more so that I can now say I'm truly happy with myself. I wouldn't trade anything for where I've ended up.

Happiness isn't absence of problems. Hapiness comes from having goals in life and being in the process of achieving them. What do you want to achieve? What are your dreams? 


(i'm learning english so if you see some mistakes pleas correct me, i will be very grateful)

thnx guys for ur comments . i was upset in that day when i wrote this discussion and now everything is good .

Please go on to and on there you will find information that will truly comfort you. :-) 

Bible stuff u mean sean thnx  but i'm a muslim <3

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