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What are your hobbies?

My hobby is to read. I quite like it. To read can rank as rest. ( I am not sure from latest sentence ) :) Also I like hiking.



For me writing , drawing, , designing (web design and decoration)

You have nice hobbies.

Yes of course,Turkey has a lot of place to hike ;)

I like reading books and learning something interesting

Also, I like archery,too. I think good hobby for me to rest.

I like reading best of all in my life. It is my special way to escape  from reality.

I like to read astrology. Birthdays of people can tell a lot about their personality:) Not just Sun signs but also Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Ascendant, Pluto, Uranus etc.

Now my main hobby is learn english

I also enjoy reading.Reading is a part of  my life. Meanwhile I like walking with my friends after dinner, so I can chat with them. Walking and chatting can make me relaxed.

I like telling in internet, to learn English, Italian.

these are really nice hobbies,but is there anybody who have interesting hobbies ? :)

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