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which one was first chicken or egg

which one was first chicken or egg?





then how was that egg made ?


From an evolutionary perspective the egg came first.




Dinosaurs came before chickens and they laid eggs :)

The chicken first


There was a chicken-like bird. It was genetically close to a chicken, it was called a proto-chicken. So proto-hen laid an egg, and proto-rooster fertilized it. But when the genes from ma and pa almost-chicken fused, they combined in a new way, creating a mutation that accidently made the baby different from its parents. Although it would take millennia for the difference to be noticed, that egg was different enough to become the official progenitor of a new species, now known as … the chicken!

If there were no chicken there were no egg, but if there were no egg there were no chicken.

whichever you ordered first :D

For Christians was the chicken, for scientists was the egg.

You choose.

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