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What's your opinion about Iranian?

I'm an Iranian. I hope to answer your question about Iran and Iranian; since I heard that in most of other countries peple don't have a nice opinion about our country and culture.
Feel free to share your opinions:-)

I just have English learning reason out of this topic; so please help me to correct my mistakes.




Aslo, I have B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and this fall, Iwill come to US for pursuing my Phd studies. So, I think it's clear why this topic should be important for me.


I don't have a negative opinion about Iranians and the culture. News coverage here in the UK can be negative but it's just about the government. I think there are small minded people who think that because their government isn't getting on well with another country they should hate those people, but those people are not worth knowing.


I'd quite like to visit Iran one day. I won't anytime soon as I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be travelling there as a woman. I watched a documentary where women were stopped in the street and told off by government officials for wearing make up or for not covering up enough.


I'm interested in what most people think of the government. Does it feel like quite an authoritarian place to live?

Hi Steve, I should say that there are many rappers in Iran, and also you can by beer if you want even if they are illigal.;) But notice these are laws of governoment,and not Iranian people; many of Iranian have opposing ideas about the governoment.



It is sad that the mass media throughout the world don't spread the right word about Iranians !

In France, we consider Iranians to be a learned, well-mannered, cultivated, tolerant and warm people. We know the heritage of Persian culture in the country and there used to be very tight bonds between France and Iran. There still are many Frenchmen working in Tehran and elsewhere.


I wish the media would let the politicians work in silence and not pollute our minds with silly stereotypes or principles. Iranian is a peaceful and beautiful people.


Long live friendship between Iran and Europe !

Hi Mimi,
I hope most of people think like you. It is really true that a large percentage of people in Iran are not agree with their government.
Unfortunately, I should say that you read right! There are awful laws for women for their wearing. For example, if you travel to Iran you should cover your hair!

To answer you, I should say that Iran is a really high cultural country, you'll find people very friendly and polite, and most of them have high educations. But the problem is with laws and governors, which are make it a little hard to leave in Iran. If the government changes in future, absolutely, I will stay in Iran for my whole life.


Thanks Laurent, I hope this relationship between Iranians and European continues forever.
It is really the fault of politicians. I loved your sentence a lot: I wish the media would let the politicians work in silence and not pollute Societies.
I hope that people around the world check our history, and especially the history and relations of Iran with their country. For example, Iranians need no visa to go to US.

Every thing changes after revolution of Iran for an Islamic country which is not accepted from many Iranians!


The only Iranians I have personally met are mostly members of minority religions, and were terribly discriminated against, and in some cases persecuted, in their native land. I would wish that Iranian law did not accord members of minority religions lesser civil rights.

I did experience it that I met some Iranian at a handiwork stall in an exhibition and both of them made me feel you Iranian are very warm.The deep impression they gave me at that place is the fantastic handiwork.All of them are really at a high price and I think it deserve to be fancy cause it cost almost years to work out these sort of artworks,for instance,a fabulous picture in a woolen carpet,and so on.

Hello portlandpolyglot, It's my pleasure that you have such an idea about Iranian and our history. Hakhamaneshi and Safavieh were the bigest kingdoms of Iran in past. I live in Isfahan, the capital city in Safavieh period; if one day you decide to come to Iran, I hope you trip to Isfahan, since you can find lots of historical buildings and bridges that have built in Safavieh which their especial architecture can engrossing you. If you are interested I can also share some images fro you from these building on Skype.

Hello Neil, Unfortunately governors in Iran are not act nice with minorities, the governments' law only accept Moslems, Christian and Jewish as religions member. But it is completely a different issue between peoples of Iran, I myself have friends from other religions and all of us respect to each other. And for most of people here there is a same situation, most of people respect to each other religions regardless to what governors thinks. For example, In Isfahan, my hometown, a part of city that named Jolfa is full of Armenians which are mostly Christian; it shows that Moslems and Christians can have a very nice relationship with each other and live together as well as they do here right now.

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