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What is the most difficult part of learning English for you?


I am a native English speaker and I am trying to imagine what it would be like to have to learn my language if it were new to me.  What is the hardest part for you? Grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening...?    Also, what are you doing to overcome this obstacle?



I think  speaking is the most difficult part of learning english. I will be an english teacher next year but still I cant speaking english fluently because when I start to speak english, I cant decide which structure or which words I will use and also I am nervous while talking so sometimes I cant remember even easy words like newspaper or key... What  am I doing to overcome this obstacle? I watch englis films without subtitles or I listen to english musics but I  dont have any place to practice our university lecturers want us to speak english, but they are very angry.. when we make mistakes, they are getting mad:)

the most difficult part i feel is its doesnt have a definite rule...anyone can make his own i learn where to use something and where not to and the next morning i find something contradicting.


For me understanding those native speakers who don't enunciate well is the hardest part now. I understand 100% of language spoken by newscasters at the BBC, ABC, NPR, CBC, although their English is fast.

Speaking is the most difficult part. Because i don't have any native friend to practice with. 

the hardest part for me is speak, because it's the least I practiced at school, and now I doubt about how to say something correctly. In a written exam you have time to think, but oral one have to be faster and more fluently speak.

other hard part is the listening, I need that they speak slowly and marking the sound of each word, but usually people don´t talk like that, and I can´t understand all the words. If you understand the general meaning, no problem, but sometimes a particular word is important to understand the rest.

I agree with my friends. the most difficult part is the practice(talk).Also i can say the other one is the alots words in english.And according to me, for the all of them we should make practice...if someone has suggestion i am listening...


I know that a lot of phrases are pronounced differently than one would think.  This is one reason I enjoy working face to face here in my city with people who have immigrated from other parts of the world.  I enjoy being able to show people shortcuts and strategies to help them build their listening and pronunciation skills.  An example is when we use "an + NOUN", usually it is going to sound like you are saying "a + the following word with an n added to the beginning."  An apple--> A  napple.  The students find these activities fun and it really does help them.  Thanks to everyone who has answered my question.  Your responses will help me decide which areas to focus on in my future lessons.

I have some problems with speaking, listening and English Grammar. I agree with most people who have written already their opinion. I have all same problems. Now I usually write (I think so) English phrases as I think and speak them in Russian language because if I start to speak English my own phrases I am not sure I spoke correctly or not. I don't have any problems only these phrases as "How are you?" and etc which I saw and learnt in my English courses.
Now my biggest problem is "How do you think?" because I got most first advice on my English course - "You have to start to think in English", but I can't understand how I can do it.
I saw a lots of texts of native speakers here, but I can't understand why they write so and not otherwise.

Hello Clay

I have two problems:

The poor knowledge of english vocabulary ( even if by when i am recorded on italki, i am doing many progress) and Listening.......I must listen the dialogues or the conversations twice because i don't manage to understand what the person are saying.
I believe that only with the time and the practise, i will obtain some results 

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